Thursday, 4 September 2014

Season 1, Episode 1: Interview With Alex Freeman

Interview With Alex Freeman, Author And Advocate

Alex Freeman is an Internet advocate who speaks out against the militarization of the police, against warrant-less surveillance, and against the corporacracy, and is a writer. He was kind enough to share some of his thoughts on the world with me, and with you.


Alex, why do you claim to be a Public Relations guy?

Rene, when did we all become such ravenous consumers? When the marketing and public relations guys told us to be. Sell, buy, consume, replace obsolete unit with newest model. It became a one dimensional model. Public Relations and Marketing can change that paradigm. We can build relationships, increase awareness, and enrich lives. We can create it all and we can do it together. I just write about it and facilitate the relationship building.


What is your relationship to the movement known as Anonymous, Alex?

Well, I associate with Anonymous, but don't claim to be anonymous. I am too far in front and too recognizable to be. Not sure why. I'm a peon. I don't hack. Biggest open secret....I'm damned near computer illiterate. but I do plan on unfucking the world. Hack the planet, you know? And I happen to like a lot of the anonymous associates I've come across. But the same is true of occupy overpasses, and many other "groups." I'm not a groupie. I'm just me.


Alex, would you call yourself a militant or anti-government? We both know that according to the PTB and the mainstream media, you are considered a terrorist - what a joke, right?

I would definitely consider myself an anarchist, but I do know that some system will always arise. Terror is a psychological state. And I see no just cause for a state.

My anarchism stems from the linguistics. States of minds or frames of mind box and limit perception and interpretation. Such as an actual government.

A free society requires fully freed and enlightened minds.

We are capable of that.


How has activism effected you  personally in this political climate, Alex?

Well, Rene, like many other activists, tensions have arisen with my family. They see social media as a play space. To me, it's work. it's a communication and news sharing tool. no, i don't get paid for it. and that's the problem they see.  Take my current employment. It's a phone sales job,  advertising for a trade magazine with less of a circulation than Anonymous Shocking Current Events. The publisher tracks EVERYTHING. Keycode in and out. Write ups if you're a minute late getting back from lunch. Net nannies, recorded phone logs, times and voice. Cameras everywhere. And for what?


If you got paid, would it change who Alex is or what you do?

No. I hate money. I really truly do. This society is and has been addicted to it for milleniae.
The pursuit of money kept me asleep for many years.


How long have you been an activist?

I started in the 90s when Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore hung his 10 commandments in his courtroom. I'm a fan of the 1st amendment.

I know you're a writer and activist. What else should I know about you?

Poetry for me is a writing exercise. I have a novel or two rattling around in my head. That's what I really want to finish. And I'd like to see them finished on the big screen.

I do journalism and web copy-writing just because I can.  I have BAs in political science and psychology and a masters in political theory. I've concentrated in constitutional law, political theory, comparative politics, cognitive psych and social psychology.  

Did you find it worthwhile to take those courses?

Personally, yes. Professionally, no. I'm underemployed.

I would, personally call you an 'underutilized resource,' Alex. 

It's a tomato thing.


Some quick questions for you off the top of my head Alex - would you prefer to see a living wage for everyone or minimum wage hikes?
And what kind of future do you see for the presidency?

Living wage for everyone. Right to life, liberty and pursuit of happyness, right? There are sufficient resources to support it.  Or, the abolition of money altogether.  Presidency for which country?

Presidency for which country?
USA.  Unless you have another idea for governance?
Do you think we will be looking at a separate America, or a North American Union?
And would you support a one world system if we had say in it as opposed to one set up by the elite?

It already is a one world system. Even the middle east and Russia are a part of it. Oceana, Eurasia and east-Asia exist as one. But that's economics more than politics. Borders are cages for the people.
The US pres is a puppet. A pr spokesman. Money is the driver. Burger King seems to think that there will be 3 separate states. But moves are in motion to combine them.


Do you support the use of violence to end the state or do you promote peaceful means of resolution?

If necessary. I don't think at this point that peace will work. They aren't going to're right. Our bad.

What about a financial revolution?

Burn it all. Currency is a means to do work. Its energy. There are alternative forms of energy.


Thanks so much for your agreeing to be inteviewed, Alex. It's been a real pleasure, and I hope that people can learn from reading about you that the mainstream media representation of an activist is entirely wrong.

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