Sunday, 14 September 2014

Season 1: Episode 2 Interview with Jamie Redman

My interview with Jamie Redman, contributor of the site The Art of Not Being Governed and known anarchist-freethinker.

Jamie, how did you end up being so interested in cryptocurrencies?

I got interested in crypto currency a few years ago when I discovered Bitcoin. I knew it was a tool to use against the state. I didn't know it was a Swiss Army knife of tools until a year later. You run the site The Importance of Not Being Governed, right? Tell me about that. What inspired you to create it, and do you see a positive impact on the general public from your work there?

I help run the Art of Not Being Governed. Which is a FB page, G+ page, a reddit page and an online blog. Including 10 associated sister pages. I did not create the site. My very good buddy did. I am a co-creator and provide graphical assets to the team and sometimes I write. I also put forth more effort in the sister sites. Yes I think it's a positive influence. The AONBG page alone has a 24,000 reach.
How would you describe your political/monetary POV? 

My political theory is autonomy. My choice of monetary use is whatever the autonomous individual desires to exchange. 
Which form of economic strategy do you believe is the most likely to create a safe and balanced system without also creating excessive government oversite?

The system I believe that will provide is the system of every individual represented on the globe. Meaning we all represent ourselves. I think technology can help provide this as well as people trying to avoid indoctrination of other ideas presented to them through coercion. What advice would you give to someone who is interested in digital currency but has no idea where to begin?

I would tell them to open a wallet and get whatever they can afford whenever they can afford. You can purchase as little as 1$ and play with it and learn from it. Then I would recommend just reading about money and crypto in general.
What sort of geopolitical future do you see for the United States? Do you believe it will continue to exist as a nation, become part of the North American Union, or dissolve entirely under a global government? Which outcome would you like to see most?
I have no idea how long the US will last or what the outcome will be. I know it won't be pretty.

What do you think is the number one reason why the average person is uninterested in the finance world and stock market?
Because it's fraudulent and monopolized. There no position for the "average joe". 
What is your view on the current state of education?
The current state of education is indoctrination and learning to live with debt. That debt is acceptable as long as your a good citizen. 
Anything I’ve left out which you’d like to say?

The answers lie in the generations below us. We have to show them the way so they emulate our practices. Spontaneous order is the only way.

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