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Season 1, Episode 4: Interview with Adam N. Williams, Financial Genius And Modern Day Abolitionist

Season 1, Episode 4:  

Interview with Adam N. Williams (Human Entrepreneur, Derivatives Trader, Reality Hacker, and Modern-Day Slavery Abolitionist)  

Adam is my friend and mentor, and I owe him a LOT. He is a graduate of Rice University, created an amazing Wall Street career trading equity derivatives and convertible securities at Merrill Lynch and Jefferies & Co. and is now an international entrepreneur with all kind of irons in all kinds of fires, ranging from personal development to digital currency to next-gen relationship marketing. While I have no idea what made him notice me, I enjoy being under his wing. He's a hell of a guy to have at the breakfast table. Oh, and he's married to a model. (I know the coolest people, I swear!)

So Adam, let's pretend you and I have never met. Who are you at home and what do you do?
Where in the world are you this week?

At home I am an explorer, student, and creator.

What do I do?

I am an human entrepreneur, which means that I work with and empower leaders.

And, I am in Manhattan

How did you become an abolitionist? You already know my story, but I have no idea how you ended up fighting the good fight.

I think I became an abolitionist as soon as I began to understand the slavery system that we still have in place. I came to understand that after I did personal development. My definition of personal development is the deliberate raising of human consciousness. And I started to want to give back to the world when I worked on spiritual practice. My definition of spiritual practice is service to others.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by the people who think for themselves, and my wife!

What is the life of an international entrepreneur like?

It's really fun to connect with people from all over the world and collaborate. I have three projects that I've spent time on in the last several months, one of which is taking up most of my time right now. And it is amazing to be able to work with people from around the world in a virtual way. I do look forward to travelling again substantially, which is scheduled for next year. I have been in 30 countries so far.

How did you become the Chief Global Ambassador for Ribbit.me!?

I worked on Wall Street for fifteen years and after the financial crisis my world changed. I started looking into network marketing and affiliate marketing and relationship marketing, and what I like to call human entrepreneurship which encapsulates all of those. So I really became a student of human empowerment based business and became very vocal about the 'new' economy: entrepreneurship. I have been friends with one of the creators of RibbitRewards for over two years; we used to write on a blog together called Knomadic Life, and they thought that I was the perfect person to launch the Global Ambassador program. We just shot the 'opportunity' video in New York City this weekend, which was a lot of fun, and it should be edited in the next few weeks.

Are you still doing network marketing?

Yes, however right now my wife is more focused on it because all my spare time is devoted to Ribbit.me! until we launch! We're giving away two hundred million RibbitRewards and the first air drop is scheduled for November 1st. The relationship marketing company we are involved in is called Seacret, which has the best products for healthy skin as well as complete integrity from the management. I use the products every day.

What exactly does Ribbit.me! do and can you tell me more about what it means for the global economic shift?

Bitcoin is most well known application on the Blockchain. RibbitRewards are a next evolution. The engineering is different and unlike Bitcoin, which forces people to change their behaviour, RibbitRewards are going to explode on the scene and appeal to everyone.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

I want people to be free and have control over their own lives. And I love being involved in projects that enable and promote compassion.

What would you advise someone new to the world of entrepreneurship and investment?

Invest in themselves. That's the most important investment, to do some personal development, whether you take a course like the Avatar Course or read books or any activities to become more expansive. This will bring better opportunities into your space. The best investment is in personal development.

How do you deal with the stress that comes from the life of an entrepreneur?

It really takes a long term focus on the goal, because its not easy. Especially if, like most people, you have to hold a full time job while building your passion part time. So, it takes delayed gratification, commitment, and creativity.

Tell me about the Avatar Course.

The Avatar Course is the most powerful personal development course that I am aware of. It is a course in consciousness, compassion and beliefs, where you learn how to overcome indoctrination. It's so fun, pure creative study.

Where do you see the future of investment and commercial trade going?

I think globalization and technological unemployment, as well as currency and trade conflicts, are going to be huge over the next five to ten years. I think that central banking has really distorted markets and asset values so it's difficult to forecast. What I do know is that major paradigms are going to shift, and soon.

Can you explain the empathetic economic model for me?

I think that in a contradictory sense, the empathetic economic model still starts with self. But when we adhere to both the Non-Aggression and Self-Defense principles in Natural Law, we see that initiating violence against each other is wrong. So it's about a higher level of consciousness, a spiritual consciousness. It's about cooperation, collaboration, and co-creation. It's more sustainable, fair, and certainly less corrupt than our current system.

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