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On Pedophilia and Grooming in a Global Context: A Conversation Among Friends

Starring Jamie Teather, Diane Rose Hill, Brent Cowan, and Rene Dawn Millward
Some background, for those of you who are new to the Show...  James (Jamie) Teather was born in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada, where he grew up on a family farm. He joined the Canadian Military in 1987. While in the military he was deployed on overseas operations in Cyprus (89-90), Cambodia (92-93), Croatia (94-95), Bosnia (2001) and Afghanistan (2003-04) In the military he worked nearly exclusively in small specialist teams and is a qualified Sniper, Sniper Instructor and Patrol Pathfinder Instructor;   Diane Rose Hill is an air force veteran and gang rape survivor, Brent is a veteran and keeps tabs on The Situation with us, and I am a specialist in occult crime and human trafficking/slavery.  While everyone of us despises this subject, we are at least able to hold conversations about it without getting overly emotional about it.

JT:  Here is a hint. Pediophila is a biological disposition that is actually there to protect children in a 13th century context.
Shar:  I know that it is a biological disposition which has been scientifically proven. It doesn't make rape acceptable.

JT:  I didn't say anything about rape.   I was talking about Pedophilia.   They are not the same thing Shar.
And you are not ready to deal with the subject. So drop it. Because I am not going to explain it yet. Because you are not ready to listen to the horror of how the world works. And how your opinions contribute to the perpetuation of a biological cycle, that produces more pedophilia.

 I did the interviews.

 It isn't the same thing. The victim was part of the crime. And the victim profited from it. And the whole things disgusts me. So, I need to think about something else. Fuck.... I hate this topic.

It is not what people want to hear. And that is part of how the mechanism works. There are reasons that most people can't deal with these subjects.  I didn't say anything about rape.  I was talking about Pedophilia.

 I will cut to the chase. I have to do this sooner or later. In 13th austere living conditions. Children who are abused or considered surplus by families compete for the attention of aggressive male pedophiles. They trade sex and companionship for physical protection and economic sustainment and power and influence. When they get to old to satisfy the youthful desires of their "Protector" they are re-cycled into the community as "Coonies" the Afghan term. And they catch for the boys who can't afford a dowry to show they can financially support a bride. In that position, they are fed, clothed, and actually are held in a weird sort of silent reverence by the population that depends on their services. This pattern repeats globally. And you can't see it, unless you are looking for it. But, it is how the system works.

BC:  I understand you. If you out the emotion on hold and learn that there is historical motivation in cultural pedophilia that exhibits itself in what you refer to, you can start to understand the mechanisms. We all would like to punish them. But to do so without understanding is just another problem. Understanding it leads to change. I know a few women too Shar. And that's most of my problem...

JT:  Bestiallity, equally distasteful is performed by a subclass of disenfranchised male, who can't raise a dowery, and can't attract the attention or interest of a coonie.

 Now I am going to go wash my brain with bleach. But the equation is consistent with the model. And I developed the model from global observations of things that are just not at all normal to a western mind. But in very real terms, I traded a coonie for the lives of everyone on my FOB. Police chiefs in some regions of Afghanistan use the emotional revulsion of pedophilia to gain warlord credibility. It is culturally ingrained into all human biological DNA programming from what I can tell, there is no race disposition towards it. It is an individual inclination. One I am glad I don't have. I hate kids. I like older women. Advantageous to survival in the current day and age!

It is the malfunctioning of of the way that we interpret things that disgust us that defines why we can't get anywhere. We look in the mirror to our own past, and are so disgusted by it that we destroy cultures instead of helping them past the hurdles that make people civilized and not farm animals. But, in war, that barrier quickly breaks down. And the 13th century social dynamics rise up, as there is no other mechanism to perform the function. So, the DNA improvises with tested mechanisms that save life, but not limb or intellect.

 You can spot legally compliant people with Pedophilia tendencies at your supermarket. They buy "Barely legal" magazine. And window lick the edge with 18 year old girlfriends.
Economic prosperity across a population diminishes the social necessity of pedophilia. Which is why getting a good economic base under the global population is vital to reducing the occurrence of these issues.

BC:  That last comment is confusing. Pedophilia is often perpetrated by those in power without anyone's consent. In the west anyways. Ur the A'stan solid here.

JT:  Then you just have to deal with the emotional and social triggers that are hard wired into a percentage of the population to "desire" the experience. That takes a village. In the current environment parents don't trust the village. So it creates barriers to communications that diddlers can exploit. In my town in Uruguay, the population recently hacked a western pedophile to death who was preying on the local children. It seems to have driven the problem out of their neighborhood, and I don't think the investigation was vigorously pursued into who did the hacking. Thus, there is a very low occurrence of it in this region. One of the reasons I selected it. I fucking hate diddlers. They disgust me. But, I do understand the mechanism and understanding is the key to controlling, managing, and reducing the incidents. And in controlling the damage to the victim which in my observations of other cultures is like PTSD. 90% stigma, 10% substance.

Most pedophiles claim the children "called them". It is dismissed in the west. But in discussions with Coonies in A'stan they say that that the assessment that they were "taken" is inaccurate. That is the outside appearance. But not how the social interaction usually occurs. The product of the social interaction is not sex, but mutual defence for the pedophile, and the pedophiles "victim". They play roles. It scares everyone away from them as a couple. As odd as that sounds.

I will give some context to how I know this. I was on a FOB where I spent 3 weeks deciding if I was going to kill the police chief. In the end, a coonie, who came to me anonymously, spent 2 weeks advocating for not killing the diddler. By explaining the social function to me. And how that protected our FOB.

This is stuff that is very very very taboo to talk about even in the stan. It took a lot of guts for this coonie to self-identify and advocate for the perp. He made a very convincing argument. I don't like it. Not one bit. But, it is how we biologically function. The trick is to get us all out of the 13th century. And address the biological legacy issues as just that. Oddities from history.

BC: Acknowledged. And understood. So what is the catalyst for change here?

JT:  Honestly. Pedophiles should move to global locations where their behaviour is social acceptable. Get residency and citizenship, and never come back. Having sex with children is not compatible with North American Values. They should get out. Get castrated if they want to stay in NA. Or get control over their urges. Which is likely no less impossible than telling a 35 year old childless woman with the itch that you don't want any more kids.
In locations where it is less socially destructive, they will either get eaten by the jungle, or they will provide a 51% balance to the geographical area and be tolerated until the economic conditions improve enough that they eliminate the practice. The global social pressure to eliminate pedophilia will make the DNA less productive at proliferation over time. And in a few generations it will be far less of an issues. The rest. Well, watch your kids. And choose your friends wisely.
Interact with neighbours. Encourage children to play in groups. And it takes a village.
The above recommendations will displace, delay, and dissuade pedophilia in NA. Its it the best course of action. That I have ever come across anyhow.

 BC:  And to think that we went to Afghanistan under the guise of women liberators, because of how the Taliban treated women, only to put pedophiles in power sickens me.

 To me that's just like replacing demonic with devilish in a sentence.

JT:  Don't be confused. We didn't put the diddlers in charge.

That is a social distillation process. And our inability to mentally deal with those processes perpetuated policies that can't work.

 Bringing a nation out of the 13th century is a journey. One we cut short. Because we didn't culturally have the empathy to deal with life as it manifests.

What we learned socially is that we are morons who can't actually deal with issues. So we bomb instead. That is morally worse. Since everyone dies. Including the children you are trying to protect.

BC:   Absolutely. Outside of killing all the men and saving the kids and women, there isn't much of an answer

JT:  The women and kids would then kill us. And it violates the prime directive.

Pedophiles are the primate children's aid service prior to civilization. It appears to be a historical artifact in human DNA. That is what the "on the ground" view of the issue appears to be. The trick is to move everyone out the economic and social zones where it is a necessary occurrence. Western minds are filled with skewed self assessment that is based on censored history. The west promoted pedophilia as late as the 1970s openly. We are just not that far removed from it. That is the lesson. Western minds immediately want to destroy anything that they don't like. While not having anything effective of credible and most importantly implementable to adjust the situation. So, strategic bombing is seen as the answer. In reality, it only perpetuates the problem. It is idiocy. But, it is idiocy at a distance. So, it is salable to the public as a solution. When it is anything but.

 Case in point. Gary Glitter.

Unknown civilian speaker:  Oh we could name quiet a few in recent history and in Western history. Jerry Lee Lewis comes immediately to mind. Mind you that was his female 14yo cousin not a male cousin...

JT:  People are not what they appear on face value. And you just have to listen to some army guy stories in the arctic tent to figure that out. The greatest thing about military service is we don't have options of who we socially interact with. Your trench partner is your trench partner. He is assigned, not chosen. There is a normalization that occurs thought the social interaction and established median norms are enforced in the ranks, by the ranks, on acceptable social conduct. Kids fall outside of this acceptable conduct. And people adjust to the socially enforced limits. Essentially, it is a problem that always existed, but is just too taboo to deal with. So, it goes largely under the radar. 15 minutes in Thailand and you can start to spot the diddlers. In 1992 there were police in place in Thailand to protect them, as an income source. We live in a very very strange world.

At 21 in Thailand I had this explained to me by one of the local women who I asked "Why do people just not kill them?" She stated flat out, "because we would starve without them." This is how the world works. And we should endeavour to shape the world so it works differently. That is not going to be achieved by sweeping the issue under the rug, and it certainly isn't going to be solved by pointing fingers at people who live in the stone ages and telling them "thats bad". They know its bad. Give them some other way to achieve the same effect of child protection and peodophile DNA wired individuals survival, and you will start to make a dent in the issue. The current system just makes more pedeophiles. Which, is apparent in the increasing number of westerners who are getting caught up in it, mostly due to biological disposition combined with social isolation, and no where to turn for treatment that doesn't lead them to incarceration or extermination. People, good or bad, do not just willing lay down and die at the behest of others. Well, they do, but not willingly.

BC:  Even associates of our pm have been arrested in recent years.

JT:  I estimate that 50% of the population has a sexual predisposition towards youthful partners. Socially there is pressure to take that number even higher. I would say about 10% have creepy youth attraction. Of which who knows how many act on this. Again, not my AO. I just have to deal with the social issue in dealing with security issues. My gut instinct is extermination. But, again, that is not in keeping with the prime directive.
BC:   Some see it as an issue with the elite class. One they aren't letting go of easily.

JT:  Brent, lets go to the Coonie interviews again. The aggressive male adult male uses his "Pedophilia" as a fear weapon. He gets boogyman credibility for being a diddler. The odd case I dealt with in the stan was even odder because when I put the perp under observation I found out something interesting. Nobody had ever seen him have sex with the kid. Nobody. It was a ruse. He was protecting the child. Not molesting him. The pedophilia was faked. In order to dominate the local population. It isn't always faked, but in this case it was....

BC:  Ahh ok, I get it. The A'stan thing. Street credibility as a ruthless mofo.

JT: Roger. Now look at this out of context synergy in how that manifests in cross cultural military brinksmanship.

BC:  If you know it's a security thing, it's an immediate alignment for me. Cross referenced to working with a diddler, in my mind, karma has its own way, objective is the objective, git er done. Grit ur teeth.

JT:  Remove Pediophelia and insert WMD. Saddam was using WMD as his boogyman enhancer to keep Iran at a distance. The cultural disconnect caused a miscalculation.

When I first arrived at this particular FOB in question, the security was not mechanical. It was only an illusion of security. The actual security was provided by the reputation of the person I then had to decide to remove or retain. The lives of around 400 service men and women and all of my afghan guards hung in the balance. So, what do you do? Welcome to the moral dilemmas of war. That are faced by troops everyday.

RDM:  The model works because children - or disempowered hungry people - look to bigger animals to protect them.   
 JT:  Diane Rose Hill didn't even blink about doing this interview. She lives in hell. She has just grown comfortable with the emotional temperature.  She is also funny as fuck. Fuck do we have a laugh together. She is just good people. Not good to visit the queen with, but we can work on that. 

DRH:  And now, to live up to my reputation.... If being gay or lesbian is a "way of life" and "sexual preference" then why is being a pedophile a crime, when in fact it is a sexual preference and way of life just like being LBGT? It has been proven time and time again that pedos are just another life style and genetic engineering. Yes, I do not agree at all with them being allowed to ply their whims on any kid that goes walking by and that the child does not have a choice in the matter, and it is and always should be a crime, but, look at the reality behind it. I dont have the link, but many years ago, in a study, done in the USA on convicted pedos in jail, every one of them said the same thing. No matter what is done to them, castration etc. their preference is still children of specific age and sex, individual to each one of them. One guy in particular that I remember so well, said that he can never be let out of jail and that the Sears catalogue was a porn mag for him. And this was a man who was castrated and had electro shock therapy in order to "cure" him. All interesting stuff once you get past the media and public bull shit.
Now, on to another subject. When you look at the charts that Jamie put up there, And if you have studied the charts and subjects, one thing that is prevalent in mental illness is the problems that occur when goals are thwarted on a continual basis. As far as training military goes, they bash you down until the smallest thing becomes a major win. Goals are thwarted on a continual basis in order to bring about a cohesive unit, where one small win becomes a huge win. Yes, in many cases, it makes an individual strive to be better, but it can also do the reverse and push one down into the depths of despair. Then it is up to the unit to either bring that person up to standards, or the person is left behind in order to maintain cohesion of the group.

 If you look at Maslow's theory, and apply monetary values to it, in a social context, the more money one makes, the higher up the scale they can operate. At the lowest end of the scale, self, is self preservation and reliance. The more disposable income there is and the more education that comes along with income, the higher the IQ and more apt a person is to be able to function on all levels. Relate that to the income of a soldier and their rank. I wont get into a huge explanation on it. You can study it for yourself.

JT:  Pedophilia is not compatible with western culture. But I agree it is a biological programming that isn't just going to go away with will power. I don't really know what the answer this issue is. But it isn't "Burning them".

I used to use NAMBLA as a freedom indicator.

 NAMBLA is America to me. They are allowed to hold very very very deeply despised views. And they are not allowed to practice them. But they are allowed to advocate for them. It is the balance of collective living in a free nation. Plus, it lets you know where all the Pedophiles are. I don't see the downside.

 The organization is a favourite among soldiers. Because nothing is more fun than filling out subscriptions to Nambla literature in the names of your whole chain of command. I actually didn't do this. But it is frequently done. Or it was, back when people had a sense of humour about such things. "Hey Sir, your Nambla literature just came in the mail."  Oh the games. We used to have such fun.

But if you think about it in a democratic context, unpopular opinions need a place to be voiced. And, the organization did that. It filled a social function. I think you will find your war on Pedeophila will just produce more of it like all coerced impositions. I think you will also find as Diane Hill Rose, PTSD sufferer and gang rape survivor stated, that most pedeophiles want to self-isolate anyhow. The trick then is how to feed their demons without victimizing children. There are likely ways to do that. What they are, I don't know, and to be honest, I don't want to know. But, for that community, the ability to openly discuss the social issues with their biology may actually be the best way to move this issue towards a successful resolution. Likely in conjunction with some sort of robotic surrogate or something. Ewww. And if I might suggest, in orbit?

DRH:  As a parent of a son and a daughter, I too struggled with keeping my children safe. Did I do enough? I once ran into a priest in my town who had been accused of being a pedo and the church shipped him off to avoid law suits. When I saw him, I publicly outted him and told him that if he ever came near my children, I would kill him. He was transferred within a week. Not because of my promise but to save face of the church. But things can also be taken too far. As a former coach, I have had parents make comments when I said I love you, after one of the kids completed a race. Yea, I was excited and so happy that the child did so well, but the comment was not one of a sexual nature at all. It was one of respect and pride. No one else thought that it was a bad comment except one person. Ever watch a football coach slap a player on the butt and tell him well done or get in there? Is that a sexual advance? Ever watch a wrestling coach get on the mats with one of the kids on the team and show the kid how to do the hold or move? That is some pretty damn close contact...but is it sexual in nature or a coach teaching a kid? And what about your little kids karate instructor....have you watching him touch your kid in order to get your kid into the right position? We have come too far over the edge on the subject as far as this all goes. At least that is my opinion. I am waiting for the law to come into place that says everyone must keep at least 2 feet from other people at all times. Just wait and see what happens on the subway or the club you go to to dance. Sorry, you cannot touch your wife and dance with her in this club due to federal laws.

 BC:  I guess that's why it's hush hush, it's that grey area where having them advocate lets you know who is doing it and who wants to but hasn't, but letting them do so may give the perception that you also advocate on their behalf. Ugh

JT:  No it doesn't. Everyone loved to hate Nambla. It keeps up the profile of the issue. It keeps it on the public policy scope. It allows us to deal with the issue, instead of the issue dealing with our kids!

We confront it. Or they do. I say we should be the ones to deal with it, not them. As in our children!!

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