Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Regarding the Ottawa Shooting, Case File# 000001

My first reaction to the fact that shots were fired in the capital of my country was shock, followed by disbelief, and then rage.  I was not enraged by the Islamic community though; my rage was and is soley focused on the appalling state of housing and mental health in what is supposed to be one of the wealthiest, freest nations on the planet.

First, I would like to explain that I did a practicum on a mental health ward, eating lunch with and smoking with the doctors on staff, then three years at a medical clinic, where I hung out with the doctors in their lounge and occasionally discussed cases with them. I spent ten years essentially as a mental health nurse in my home, filling my days with hours and hours and hours of study on everything from neurotransmitters to efferent nerves - along with studying a lot of other "weird" things nobody really has any use for.  I now study human trafficking and occult crimes for a hobby.

I seriously doubt anyone I would want to work with would hire me on any official basis.

The background on the Ottawa shooter - henceforth referred to as case file #000001, is that he was a homeless, schizophrenic man with a cocaine addiction, who was listed as a high risk for travel according to the RCMP, but not on a CSIS watch list, despite having a mother who was a well connected politician on the Federal level (??)  He was a convert to Islam, and his friends (Islamic and otherwise) and family expressed concerns about his belief in Shaitan, (the Islamic version of Satan) being after him and seeing demons.

Anyways.  As it turns out, religiousity is a mental health problem.  The belief that one is seeing or speaking to angels or demons has a neuroscientific cause - namely, dopamine and serotonin. The life conditions of being homeless also play into the neuroscience - namely, lengthy exposure to the sun and long periods of hunger.

It isn't my duty to convince you of anything, just to bring facts to light which, well, frankly, most normal people would not have the slightest desire to know, nevermind have at their fingertips, but here we go:



I'll let you reach your own conclusions.  And now I close File Number 000001, and wish that he rests in peace, as much as I wish that his victims do.

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