Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Inside the Birdcage - 21 October 2015 - Crossover Edition!

Well, it would appear that I am having some serious technical issues with my other blog,  I will get that sorted out soon, but in the interim I thought I would use this one, since I still have it active.

The recent election has already had significant impacts on my society, with the new PM calling for Canada to pull out of Iraq and Syria, a decision that many will not support, but one that I do wholeheartedly.  Our Iraq/Syria strategy - if you can call it that - is a nightmare lacking cool foresight and creativity.

And honestly I think - and have researched it - that there are better and more effective ways of dealing with the middle east than just blowing the shit out of everything and droning future terrorists, as my other blog sort of bears out on a daily basis.

I am still aching from my day out yesterday but am doing much better than anticipated after staving off most of the inflammation with Q10 and aspirin this morning.  I really do need to find some sort of way to get to the legion without hurting myself so badly.   To be honest, if someday I ever got a Segway, I'd be okay with that.

I spent the day cleaning house and writing in my dead tree journal.  I prefer to be both transparent and discrete on my blogs, and that means that before I write anything for publishing these days I am doing Cliff notes versions on paper for tightening and editing.  Its probably a good idea for my essay writing; not everything I think needs to be written and published and it will improve the overall quality and structure of my writing.

I intend to keep pushing forward.  This election means that a lot of things both globally and personally will be changing, particularly career wise for me.  I have been looking for work and a place to stay, but the extent of my physical injuries makes it difficult for me to have a completely independent life, unfortunately.

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